Since Mar 11, 2009, I am officially in thesis writing mode. The plan is to have the thesis writen by end June 2009. I usually find peer pressure to be very effective for keeping me motivated when I work on not too engaging stuff. I ‘ve put together this page to monitor my progress towards the tight deadline.

Feel free to drop me a line to encourage my progress or critisize the lack of it!

Update Jul 2009: I ‘ve succesfully defended my PhD thesis. The Thesis-o-meter is over!

Plot displaying the number of words in my thesis Plot displaying individual chapter progress against targets Number of words last day

The thesis-o-meter is not not my invention; several other researchers have tried this before and this letter explains why and how the Thesis-o-meter works. However, my Thesis-o-meter was the first to use the Google Chart API instead of gnuplot to draw the plots. I guess I can call it the first Web 2.0 Thesis-o-meter :-)

To make it work on your page, feel free to copy the tom.js script included in this page.