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Georgios Gousios
TU Delft EWI / ST
Building 28
Room W4.560
van Mourik Broekmanweg 6
2628 XE, Delft
the Netherlands

+31 (0) 15 278 5546

Welcome to my home page!

I am head of research at Endor Labs, where I am helping to make software supply chains more secure. I am also part-time associate professor of software engineering at the Software Engineering Research Group group, Delft University of Technology. Before that, I was researcher at Facebook.

I do research in the broader fields of Software Analytics, Machine Learning for Software Engineering and Dependency Management. I was/am teaching Big Data Processing at the BSc level and Machine Learning for SE at the MSc level. I am also speaking, blogging and consulting.

Latest news

  • Sep 2022» Our work on evaluating the impact of Software Engineering research on practice has been published at TSE.
  • Jun 2022» The Nudge paper, on a mechanism to accelerate code reviews on pull requests at Microsoft, has been accepted at TOSEM.
  • May 2022» TSE paper We replicate and greatly expand upon our ICSE 2014 pull request paper, by incorporating all work that happened in the mean time. We analyze almost 12k projects!
  • Feb 2022» Life update: Started working as chief researcher at Endor Labs!
  • Dec 2021» Two papers accepted at the ICSE main track: Type4Py, for ML-based type inference, and Codefill, for ML-based autocompletion, both for Python.
  • Nov 2021» ASE paper on how adding team features to task duration prediction models helps improve predictions by up to 30% (at ING).
  • Oct 2021» JSS paper on how dependency updates can be made safer by using static analysis.
  • Aug 2021» ESEC/FSE 2021 was succesfuly organized in Athens, Greece. Watch the introductory video and read the proceedings.

Old news

Current Projects

  • FASTEN: Making software ecosystems robust by making package management more intelligent. Former PI, now advisor.
  • AI4Fintech: Making large software-based organizations more efficient. Led the software analytics track.

At the TU Delft, I have the pleasure of working closely with the following people (alumni):