taugh by Erik Meijer

I was teaching assistant for the TU Delft course IN2556. The course covered functional programming basics and more advanced concepts such as monads, functors and monoids.

edition 2013

The course will take place from Oct 1 – Oct 31. Stay tuned for updates!

edition 2012

The course turned out to be a great success, both in terms of student involvment and also in terms of student output. We reported our experience in (missing reference) (missing reference) (missing reference).

In addition to assisting with the course, I (missing reference) (missing reference) (missing reference) (missing reference) to the Actor model using Akka and Scala as reference implementations.


The first week assignment consisted of rendering the Utah Teapot using any graphics primitive of the student’s choice using only right triangles. In its core, the exercise required students to decompose arbitrary triangles, which comprised the input Utah Teapot model, to a series right triangles. The students had to come up with the decomposition method (using an analytic geometry method), a decomposition termination criterion to stop the decomposition when triangles are too small to be rendered on screen and a method to recursively apply the above mentioned transformations on the input data.

The students came up with very interesting solutions in various languages, ranging from Scala to Javascript to Scheme.

I collected all solutions to the gousiosg/teapots repository.

Student projects

The projects required from the students to come up with a functional solution to a relatively complex problem. Students worked really hard on problems ranging from Github project relationship graphs to in browser Map/Reduce. More information about student projects can be found from this page.