MSc theses

If you are interested in doing an MSc thesis with me, please contact me. You can choose any of the following topics, or propose one that I can supervise, based on my research interests.

Master students


  • Niels van Kaam (Aug 2017): State preservation for streaming data processing.
  • Elvan Kula (Feb 2018): Investigating qualitative and quantitative success factors for Rapid Releases at ING
  • Wouter van der Zwan (May 2018): Unified Call graphs for Maven


Done, old or obsolete thesis topics


I occasionally give tutorials, mostly to fellow researchers. Here are the latest ones:


At the TU Delft


  • TI2736B (BSc, Minor): Big data processing (2017)
  • IN4334 (MSc): Software Analytics (2018)


  • TI3110TU (Minor): Algorithms and Data Structures (2017, Lecture notes sources)
  • EWI3615TU (Minor): 5EC project (2017)
  • TI1206 (Minor): Object-Oriented Programming, taught with Andy Zaidman
  • IN4189 (MSc): Software Re-Engineering, taught with Andy Zaidman (2013 and 2014)
  • IN4389 (MSc): Reactive Programming, taught by Erik Meijer (2013)
  • IN4355 (MSc): Functional Programming, taught by Erik Meijer (2012, 2013)

At the Radboud University Nijmegen

  • NWI-IBI001 (BSc): Software Engineering (2016)
  • NWI-IMC052 (MSc): Software Development in Start-ups (2015)
  • NWI-IMC035 (MSc): Software analysis: I did an introduction to software repository mining (2015).

At the Athens University of Economics and Business